– How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication on Microsoft? – aka.MS MFA Setup Guide ( is an online website to set up multifactor authentication on Microsoft products like Microsoft 365 office, Azuri, to receive a notification on your phone or email.

Microsoft wants to help you protect your account.

So, if you are searching online for how to set up multi-factor authentication in your Microsoft account using, here is a guide for you.

Here, in this article, you will learn everything about the aka MFA Setup in this guide. You can learn easy Sign in steps, aka MFA Setup process, and much more.

What is

Aka ms MFA setup is an online website that allows you to set up multi-factor authentication on Microsoft devices like =Microsoft 365, Azuri, and phone to help you by providing a more secure gateway to use your account.

To set up MFA on Microsoft, you can use the Microsoft authentication app on your phone or go to the official website and follow the instruction to set up the multiple authentication factors for your account after login with your username and password.

So, if you are searching online for how to set up multi-factor authentication in your Microsoft account using, here is a guide for you. Sign in – Steps to Enable Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication

The process to set up and sign in to your Microsoft with 2FA is direct and straightforward. Simply, follow the instruction given below to set up the multiple authentication factors for your account –

  • Go online to  on your browser (Windows/Mac or Android/iPhone).
  • Sign in with your Microsoft phone or Skype or email address. 

  • Hover to the name icon located at the top right and tap “Profile” from the drop menu.
  • Click on “Edit Security Info” on your profile page.
  • Click on “Authenticator App.”
  • Download and install the AKA MS MFASetup authenticator app.
  • Go to your app menu and launch the authenticator app.
  • Click the “+” button to add the “Drexel Account.”
  • Click on “Work or School Account.”
  • Now “Scan” the “QR Code” on your computer screen. If your phone camera is terrible, enter the URL and the authentication code manually.
  • Click on “Approve” on the est approval pop-up on your phone screen.

That is. You are done.

Next, the time you can log in to your account by clicking on the authenticator code to generate the MFA code to log in to your account.

How to Set up HTTPS aka ms MFASetup SMS Notification

Set up multi-factor authentication for your account to receive text messages to authenticate your account by following easy steps –

  • Go to on your PC or mobile browser.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Tap >>Profile picture >> Name.
  • Tap “Edit Securit Info
  • Tap on “Phone.”
  • Enter your phone number. This must be a number you have access to.
  • Tap “Text me a code.”
  • Tap “Next.”
  • Microsoft will send a message containing the authentication code for the first time.
  • Enter the code.

Now, whenever you want to sign in to your account on Microsoft, an authentication code will be sent to your phone.

Now, you need to enter the code on the site to sign in.

Setup Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication [https aka ms MFASetup] for Voice Call

You can choose to receive the authentication factor via a phone call.

Here is how.

  • Go to your profile picture and tap on it.
  • Navigate to edit security info.
  • Tap “Phone.”
  • Set up your phone number and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Microsft will call the phone number you entered.
  • Now, you need to press the “#” button to authorize it. not working

Do troubleshooting if site to configure your account multi-factor authentication isn’t working on your Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure.

Reset, After you Changed Your Phone

If your phone got lost or you changed your phone, you need to validate your MFA verification code.

Here is how?

Now, instead of Microsft sending the verification code to the old phone, it will be sent to the new phone.

That was all about how to set up multi-factor authentication on your Microsoft products using

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