Guide to Setup Xbox One Guide to Setup Xbox One Online

If you are having trouble setting up your Xbox One, then you’ve come to the best place on this web.

In this article, I will help with how to set up your Xbox using the official website

All you need is a working mobile phone and your code. You can find out everything regarding setup.

If you don’t have the code with you to complete the set up, then even you don’t need to panic.

We have a solution for everything regarding setup.

Let’s head right in! 

What is setup? is a mobile web portal that allows users to set up Xbox One digitally with an activation code.

With the help of, users can access the Xbox app on their phone with the console.

By upgrading the app and console, you can play all your games on your phone on the go!

The Xbox app is an amazing way to keep yourself connected with not only your games but also your friends while traveling.

The app can be downloaded on phones and on iPods and tablets.


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